7 thoughts on “2018 Solstice Parade #2

  1. Super happy to see that a talented photographer got the post-ride dance party! Do you have a favorite dancer? Or rider in general?


    1. Thanks! Personally, I like the skinny girls, and there was one skinny dancer I got a few shots of. It was very difficult. People kept blocking my view 😦


    1. As much as I’d like to show uncensored images, I try to minimize any legal risks. I didn’t make it to this year’s Solstice parade. The weather wasn’t good enough for me. How about you?

      Somehow I missed the link in your comment at first. I looked through your photos, and they’re fabulous! Looks like you actually went into the enclusure. Good for you. I shot from the outside.


      1. Those aren’t my photos. Just stuff I found on flickr mostly. In some cases I left out the original filename deliberately, in others, the original filename is there so you can follow it back to the photographer.

        Here is easily the best video I’ve found of the dancing in case you’re interested:

        If you have other ladies you’d like to see more of let me know. I rather enjoy going through the photos 😉

        I was there this year, but sadly was not able to do any photography due to other commitments.


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