Tattooed Three Pools girl pt. II

Here’s part II of the tattooed babe from Three Pools. But I’ll take this opportunity to vent my spleen about something else:

Net etiquette. I’m a real guy with a camera who loves to take photos of beautiful women and share them. When  people comment, or send me email, I respond to them. When somebody asked me if we can exchange links, I respond. Maybe that makes me old-fashioned.

But there are a lot of “candid sites” that seem to have no actual humans behind them. When you visit them, you’re bombarded with tons of popups and hundreds of images in fancy, eye-catching presentations. I’ve contacted some of those sites to ask for link-exchanges. I got no response. I figured I’d add their links to my blog, and hope they’d notice and return the favor. No such luck. Maybe they’re run by robots, and nobody even reads those requests. Maybe they think they’re high and mighty, and don’t want to waste their time with mere mortals such as myself.

Everybody likes to get traffic. Otherwise, why bother putting up a website? But I’m tired of trying to interact with those Walmarts of Candid. Instead, I ask that you, my viewers, share this site with friends and at other blogs. I’d also like to thank the few candid bloggers who do post my work (with links), and who actually have added me to their blogrolls. Candid HeavenCactus Funk, Candid Beauties and Kings of Candid. Beauty of Feminine deserves honorable mention, even though they don’t link to me, because they have reasons for this policy, and they’re special 🙂





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