Bikinis from here and there

Some people believe it’s illegal to take photos of women in public. They’ll go so far as to call the police, and I’ve had a few encounters with the police. Typically they’ll politely ask what I’m up to, and I’ll tell them. We might chat a bit and then part on good terms. They know I’m not doing anything illegal, so there’s no problem.

But one time I was shooting from a bridge, and an officer approached me with a really bad attitude. He kicked me off the bridge after telling me that what I was doing is immoral. When I called his department and spoke to his boss, we reached an understanding that I had every right to photograph from that bridge. Since then, nobody’s bothered me on that bridge.

Here are some shots I took that day:

But that would make a pitifully short post, so here are some others I took at Detroit Lake and other places:

It’s supposed to get up to 73 degrees (Fahrenheit) at the beach today, so guess where I’m going.

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