Stolen portraits mega-post

The hipsters of Portland refer to what we do as “stolen portraits.” They can sometimes be heard jeering in our direction. It’s a good idea to carry some form of protection, because some of these hipsters are mentally unstable. But I like the term “stolen portraits.” The following were taken in one or two days back in 2014: Whoops! Busted!!     Continue reading Stolen portraits mega-post

Slender girl and irate lifeguard

It was a particularly nice day at Seaside, and I was making the rounds. One beautiful lass caught my eye: A bit later, I saw her on the sand goofing around with her boyfriend: Then they made funny faces to their cellular phone: That day was particularly productive, but not everybody appreciated my hobby: A lifeguard, speaking loudly into his phone, was “telling the cops” … Continue reading Slender girl and irate lifeguard

Sauvie Island collection

Sauvie Island is not the easiest place for the candid photographer. It’s often a hostile crowd, and there’s no law-enforcement, so you’re on your own. To get the best photos, you’ve got to get right up in front of people, by the water. On the plus side, the weather is better than other places, it’s a large area and it can be very relaxing, with fresh water … Continue reading Sauvie Island collection

All but naked at Sauvie Island

Actually, there is a clothing-optional section at Sauvie Island, and I like to hang out there. But it’s not a good idea to shoot candid photos there, unless you have a death wish! However, I did come across this private photo shoot taking place right next to the clothing-optional section. She looks like a mom who’s maintained her body in tip top shape. What do … Continue reading All but naked at Sauvie Island