Sauvie Island shapely girls

I wasn’t even planning on shooting photos at the time, but when this shapely girl started posing for selfies, I had to grab my camera! Here’s a tattooed girl from that same spot, on a different day: And a cute blonde honey who likes giraffes: Here are a few other photos from Sauvie Island. Check back because I plan on posting a part two for … Continue reading Sauvie Island shapely girls

Stunning girls with great busts

Did I say “busts?” I meant that most of them busted me. All of these were taken recently. Some of these women looked creeped out when they noticed me. I’m not bothered by it; I got plenty of those looks even before I started shooting candid. That’s how women are to me, but like they say, when life gives you lemons… 🙂 And the busted shot: … Continue reading Stunning girls with great busts