Sticky post

Some of my favorite posts

Some of my best work was posted a while ago, and it takes a while to scroll all the way down to see them. So I’ve decided to create this sticky post. It will feature two or three of my favorite, but older, posts. That way, they won’t get buried and forgotten. Please let me know if you have any other ideas, or criticism, in … Continue reading Some of my favorite posts

A Spalding blonde

Maybe you’re wondering what a “Spalding blonde” is. I’ll explain, for those of you who don’t know English very well. It means a blonde who’s so pretty that every manĀ aroundĀ her can’t help but spald when he sees her. Just kidding! Spalding is a company that makes volleyballs!! God made the blonde, and here’s more of her: Here are some more delicious views from that day: … Continue reading A Spalding blonde